Life Line Systems Pvt. Ltd. cuffed endotracheal tube, plain endotracheal tube, manufacturers Life Line Systems Pvt. Ltd. Life Line Systems Pvt. Ltd.
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Life Line Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Life Line Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Life Line Systems Pvt. Ltd.
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Life Line Systems Pvt. Ltd. endotracheal tubes supplier, endotracheal tube exportercatheter mount manufacturers, catheter mount suppliersmoisture exchange filter, heat exchange filter Life Line Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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Life Line Systems Pvt. Ltd.  Why Lifeline

ISO, CE Certification, WHO GMP OEM / Private Labelling Customised Production Logistics Assistance
Special Export Packaging No Minimum Order Quantity 99% Ontime Delivery Record

Lifeline System Pvt Ltd
ISO, CE Certification, WHO GMP Compliance
We are accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality system and quality commitment in our operations. We are WHO GMP compliant, thus making our medical / surgical disposables fit for regulatory requirement mandated by law for U.S. Distribution.

We comply to the CE certification required for the European markets. This mark is analogous to FCC Certification in the US. There are two levels: one representing that a product is safe for use in office/industrial environments, the other representing that the product is safe for use in home environments. Compliance to WHO standards and regulations, as requested in the article 2 of WHO Constitution, corroborates our commitment to quality.

Lifeline System Pvt Ltd
OEM / Private Labelling
Our production facilities and support system is well-equipped to undertake Private Labelling Assignments wherein we manufacture OEM Products, as per the specifications of the buyer, which are placed in the market by the Buyer / Private Labeller.

The implementation process includes various phases : sourcing/producing raw material, preparing sub assemblies, final assembling, QC checks, packaging & allotment of batch number, logistics and safe product delivery. We also have the facility to offer custom ready-to-sell packaging to our clients.

Lifeline System Pvt Ltd
Customized Product Development
We believe that a customer might require a custom product, suited to their specific needs and hence we have geared ourselves to develop customized products for our clients.

We also offer product designing services to offer and end-to-end solution in custom product development.

Lifeline System Pvt Ltd
No Minimum Order Quantity
We work with a customer oriented approach and have adopted a highly flexible production system that facilitate us to supply our orders not only in bulk but also in economic order quantities with no restriction as such on minimum quantity.

However, the per unit pricing for lower quantities would be higher than the per unit price for large quantities. As a rule, quality of our products and services always remains the same irrespective of specification or quantity desired.

Lifeline System Pvt Ltd
99% Ontime Delivery Record
On-time delivery & up-to-date communication regarding the shipping information is another way to measure our performance.

We guarantee a 99% on-time delivery for small and large/bulk orders alike.

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